This project was to create a movie poster from a book that is not a movie yet so we didn’t have any images from actual posters stuck in our head. I chose the book “Beyond Belief,” the Josh Hamilton story. The book is about pro baseball player Josh Hamilton and how he was 1st overall draft pick, then was out of baseball and constantly battling drug addiction, then became clean and back in baseball, and now is one of the top players in the game.

The design was to create a real baseball jersey for the logotype by mimicking the Texas Rangers (Hamilton’s team were he became well known again) jersey lettering. The letters were all hand sewn and then photographed on the jersey. I added dramatic lighting to show the darkness he was in at the bottom and the light of hope that he found, as well as a sense of him walking onto the field once again.



The movie poster also includes a bible verse that represents the turning point in his life. The verse helped him battle his demons and become clean, so I felt it needed to be on the poster since its a crucial part of the story.






Many movies promote on all sorts of things that are part of people’s every day lives. I thought of various places in New York City that could promote a baseball movie since the sport is a big part of the culture. A building ad possibly near one of the stadiums would definitely stand out to those fans. I had to design it like a vertical billboard and making sure the important text is visible from far away.




The subway ads would be seen by many people everyday. I needed to design the ad much like a billboard with the layout but also using minimum amounts of text so people moving quickly through the subway can absorb all the information on the ad as they walk by.





The bus ad was designed very similar to the subway ad, but with even less information since the bus is constantly moving. The main point was to just get the idea of a baseball movie with some kind of story that defies the odds.