This logo & website was designed for and presented to Step Up Savannah, a non profit organization that helps people in poverty find organizations that can help them to get out of poverty. Like if someone needs a job, they can get them in contact with an apprentice program.

The logo design is a bird rising into the sky as a symbol of hope or rising out of poverty. The person in the negative space is gender and race neutral, and can be seen as someone either asking for help or giving help. This is to let the viewer place themselves in the logo, either looking for help or wanting to help others.

*This project included creating a logo, website, brochures, stationary, and advertisements for Step Up Savannah, and it was a group project with fellow designers Callie Moore, Emory Davis, and Tiara Requena.



We wanted the logo to seem more spiritual than just a literal interpretation of “step up” because the mission of the organization is to bring hope to people struggling as well as the city being having a large number of religious people shown with churches everywhere.




The site design was chosen to be simple and easy for the user to navigate and find what they are looking for. The icons used are there to have the viewer associate the program with the icon. What is also great about this site is that it translate to mobile devices, which is how many of the people in poverty access the internet.

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The mobile version of the site would be viewed the more than the regular site so we made sure the site translated to mobile as well. The menu is organized by the programs and allows the user to go to any page on the site. I also made sure that their partners logos and links were at the bottom of each page of the site and the mobile version.