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The Maryland chapter of the American Red Cross (Chesapeake region) hosts an event each year that honors people or organizations in the area that fit the definition of a hero. These people or organizations are presented an award and tell their stories of heroics. The event also has dinner, an open bar, music, and speakers all in a business setting. They also have an after party with food, drinks, a casino, raffles, silent auction, giveaways, and music. All the proceeds of the event benefit the American Red Cross.

The objective is to give the event it’s own identity that relates to the Maryland community, but make sure it still relates to the Red Cross and has a honorable feel to it. Also to create posters of the honorees, invitations, tickets, sponsorship form, and web site for the event that have the feel of Maryland as well as the Red Cross.



The logo represents not just the Red Cross and the Hometown Heroes, but also the state that these heroes thrive in.




The posters were created to honor those receiving the awards at this year’s event. These posters are designed to resemble a plaque, which is often used as an award to those who achieve something.








The sponsorship opportunities form is extremely important since the money to put on the event comes from businesses and organizations who are willing to be event sponsors. I cleaned it up by putting all the sponsor information on the front and the form to be filled out on the back, which before was all mixed together and was hard to find specific information.




For the tickets I continued with the plaque nameplate design, which is used throughout the printed material. I decided to differentiate the event and after party tickets by using grey for one and white for the other. I made sure the sponsors logos where present on the back, which also has the Maryland flag pattern in the background.


The postcard follows the same design as the tickets, but has the main sponsors instead of all of them, which follows the Red Cross sponsor benefits.