I decided to create this poster to bring awareness to the racism that still exists in the hiring of college football personnel, mainly head coaches. In 2012, only 17 of the 120 schools had a minority head coach employed, which happens to be one of the highest percentages its ever been even though it’s a very low number. I also wanted people to see that the NCAA and BCA are both involved in solving this problem. The image I went with shows a few black helmets (representing the minority coaches) being overpowered by a mass number of white helmets (representing the white coaches).



The slogan “Outsized, Outnumbered, Out of a Job” describes the number of white coaches in college football and how those coaches seem to get the job much more often than minority coaches, even though the percentage of athletes playing football is about 50/50.




This campaign can be expanded into other printed material, like magazine ads in ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and Sporting News to educate sports fans about this problem that is just not talked about. These ads could also be used in newspapers as well.




Another way to promote this cause is to use it on a billboard in areas around stadiums to get the attention of people going to the game. This was designed to only include text people would be able to read and it also required me to rebalance the helmets and the slogan.