For this project, I wanted to persuade the Washington Wizards to change their team name and identity.

I wanted this to happen because the name and mascot doesn’t have anything to do with the city of Washington, D.C. Also the wizard could be seen negatively being that it resembles a KKK member (even more so with the recent color scheme change) as well as wizard being a rank in the group. That combined with a city of a predominantly African-American population just does’t work what so ever. Many fans want them to change it back to the Bullets, but that had meaning when the team was in Baltimore, and it has a negative light on the gun violence in D.C. and the US. So I thought, why not change the name to the Diplomats. It has meaning to how the city thrives and goes with the other sports teams in D.C. And why not change the colors to red, white, and blue (which I thought of before the Wizards did change to this color scheme).

My logos included an eagle with images of the Washington Monument, Pentagon, and Capitol building all hidden in it. Also a DC logo that includes the three stars of the D.C. flag and the Washington Monument in the negative space. The uniform also played off of this same concept.



The main logo is of an eagle representing the nations bird, but it also includes D.C. landmarks like the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, and the Pentagon. It also has alternating different shaded lines and a star, which mimics the US flag without using the direct design.

The secondary logo has the curved shape to mimic the Chinatown entrance in D.C., located right next to where the team plays. This is also shown in the logotype for the team, but instead of the Washington Monument being shown in the negative space, it is used as the “I.”






For the uniforms I wanted to use the same feel of the logos. The various landmarks are shown down the sides of the jersey and shorts. I also wanted to use the 3 stars of the D.C. flag on the shorts waistband and the star inside a pentagon on the jersey neckline.