This was a concept logo for Linganore High School which are the Lacers, a local Native American tribe and Linganore was their chief. The school previously had a image of Linganore but it was changed because of the negative impact of generic Native American logos in sports. So I researched what the tribe who lived in the area looked like and what they decorated themselves with.

For this project the idea was to create a wine bottle for an existing company or a made up one.

I chose the Linganore Winecellars in Mt. Airy, MD, so I decided to use that concept for the High School and created a similar idea of using the Native American image and I also added the arrow/spear with feathers images as well.

The Native American theme also is present in the shape of the bottle which resembles an arrow head. I also combined that with the flag and colors of the state of Maryland. Once again I was to use a grid to make the design unified and visually appealing.