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This project was assigned to take the website Lumosity and create an ad campaign for a specific audience that would use their games. My audience is athletes and sports fans in general, so the campaign revolves around pro athlete clients of Lumosity who say what the website has done for them to make them better at their sport. The campaign entails 3 magazine ads, a mobile ad, and an out of home ad which is a booth that can be outside of a stadium during a sporting event.



The magazine ads are designed for different sports and different markets. They can be put in different magazines based on who is featured in the ad. For example the one with LeBron James could go in a basketball magazine or Sports Illustrated, and the David Beckham ad could go in a sports magazine or celebrity magazine because of his notoriety.






The mobile ad appears mainly on and when clicked goes through an ad similar to the magazine ads and then goes to a screen that says “Train Like the Pros” which then leads to the Lumosity site. It will keep the attention of the viewer since they were on a sports site and the ad is sports related.




The idea behind the booth is that you can use them at various sporting events, attracting people on their way into the stadium. Getting these people to try Lumosity games out on the touch screen televisions, will get people talking about it throughout the game and will get more people to learn about these games.